$12 Sunnies

We are headed to the beach this weekend and I cannot wait! It will be the first time we take Poppy to the beach and Willa hasn’t been in year. I am really looking forward to it, but I am even more excited about surprising Willa. She has NO idea that we are going!

Anyway, I knew that especially this year while I am chasing two babes around the beach and pool, I did not want to take my designer sunglasses and risk ruining and/or losing them in the sand and surf. So, I took a chance and bought two pairs from Nordstrom that were only $12 each and I was so thrilled with them that I had to share them with you.

They are both so comfortable and really good quality for the price! These Junior Women’s Bp. 52Mm Oversize Mirrored Sunglasses are so fun – I LOVE the green mirror lenses. And these Women’s Bp. 55Mm Mirrored Sunglasses in Black/ Gold match everything!

I have also linked six more pairs that I want to add to my summer collection. Four pairs are $12 and two are $24! Happy Shopping!!

  1. Junior Women’s Bp. 55Mm Metal Rim Cat Eye Sunglasses – Rose Gold/ Tort
  2.  Women’s Bp. 50Mm Mirrored Round Sunglasses – Tort Blue
  3.  Women’s A.j. Morgan Cat D 53Mm Sunglasses
  4.  Women’s Bp. Mirrored Aviator 57Mm Sunglasses
  5.  Women’s Bp. 55Mm Round Sunglasses – White/ Gold
  6.  Women’s A.j. Morgan 52Mm ‘Soho’ Sunglasses – Tortoise

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