Beach Tote Must-Haves

We are home fresh from the beach and trying to get back into the swing of real life. But while I’m still in beach mode, I wanted to share with you some must-haves for the beach for those of you who have vacations planned for this summer.

Everything is linked below:

  1. Beach tote – This one is huge, yet still chic.
  2. Hat – My favorite is last season from Loft, but this one is so similar and only $10!
  3. Sunnies – I only buy Target sunnies right now after Poppy has snapped three pairs in a row in half. These are my current faves.
  4. Flip Flops – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these flip flops. I’m actually on my second pair.
  5. Aveda Damage Control – This protects your hair from heat and is a detangler – I love this product… and basically anything Aveda makes!
  6. Mini Wet Brush – A must after getting out of the pool or ocean and this one is so compact and cute!
  7. Hand Lettering Book – Something to entertain yourself when you get some alone time from the kiddos – I also always take a book, but this was a fun addition!
  8. Sugar Sport Treatment – I seriously am obsessed with protecting my skin after several scares at the dermatologist.

Ok, back to unpacking now! Oh, and also trying to create a summer schedule for us because after winging it for a week, we need some structure.

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