The Best Kids Sheets

One thing I really kept in mind when I redecorated the girls’ room was being able to change up the sheets, bookshelves, and add decor for the season/holidays and everything still match. One way I was able to achieve that was by painting the walls a neutral color and using a neutral patterned duvet cover. The girls’ room is painted in Ponder by Sherwin Williams and you can find all of Willa’s bedding linked here.

Willa and I both enjoy changing things up in her room – putting reindeer sheets on her bed in December, flannel sheets for the rest of winter, or just changing them up on a Tuesday – ha! Not only is it really fun to change the sheets and give the room a new look, but it’s always a good idea to have extra sheets on hand incase of accidents or sicknesses. In fact, here is a tip I’ve learned: when you put your child’s bedding on, whether it be a kid’s bed or a crib, put down the waterproof mattress protector, a fitted sheet, another waterproof mattress protector, and then the set of sheets you want seen on top. This way, if there is an accident in the middle of the night, you can just strip the top sheets and the top mattress protector off and there is a fresh set underneath and there is no need to make the bed at 2am.

Because it is so practical {and super fun} to have extra kids’ sheets on hand, I have linked some of our favorites below for you!

Willa’s bed currently has these poodle flannel sheets on her bed and they are THE CUTEST:


Willa’s favorite are these gold metallic heart sheets:

These swiss dot sheets are my fav, though! Poppy actually has the matching sheet on her crib:

I am a little obsessed with llamas so these sheets will be my next purchase for Willa’s bed:

I love the whimsy of these forest animal sheets and they are super affordable and even on sale, too:

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