Cutest Kid Party Favors Ever

Willa’s birthday is at the end of the month and we are having a movie party on the lawn. Up until Willa turned 5, we went ALL out for birthday parties. I would spend months leading up to her birthday making things for her parties and we would spend a small fortune. And while I still love a good party, I have recently discovered that those parties tend to stress me out and my kids are just as happy with a more laid back party. And as for me, I have enjoyed them MUCH more!

I do love making things when I have the time and I think handmade favors are so cute and thoughtful. We made these little notebooks and colored pencils for Willa’s party favors this year. They were so easy to throw together and are so stinking adorable! So, if you’re coming to Willa’s party next week {and I know all of you invited are reading this right now because you love me and support my blog (-; }, SURPRISE! You’re child will be leaving our party with one.

These could be made for any theme party and they ended up being super affordable, like $2 per kid. I used these mini notebooks; however, they ended up having a typo on the front. I was half mad and half didn’t really mind because they were so inexpensive and we had already sent out invites with a typo – #fail. I bought Roseart mini colored pencils on Amazon, and when I went to link them, the seller had more than tripled the price – WTH? So, I found some similar here that still aren’t as cheap as I paid. Maybe check the store though. We purchased the adorable little personalized¬†stickers from Shutterfly and I got the brown cardstock in the scrapbook paper section at Hobby Lobby.

To make these, I just grabbed four mini colored pencils and taped them on top of the notebooks with scotch tape so they wouldn’t slip out. The top of the notebooks isn’t paper, so it shouldn’t damage them. I cut the brown card stock into 2 inch strips and folded it around the notebook and secured it with tape on the back. Finally, I topped them off with a personalized thank you sticker.

They were easy to assemble and Willa enjoyed helping me by collecting four pencils at a time. Willa and I are so happy with the way they turned out and hope all her little friends enjoy them!

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