Easter Egg-spiration

Last year, the girls and I made the Cool Whip Tie Dye eggs. They were really easy and turned our super cute! You can find the blog post with all the details HERE. While those were really fun, I wanted to try something different this year. I found so many cute ideas that were speaking to me that I just couldn’t decide. So, I wanted to share all the inspiration with you guys here, and as for us, I will let the boss (aka Willa) take a look and choose what we will do!

Ice Cream Cone Eggs:¬†These are too cute, and I have all the supplies needed for these on hand, which is also a big plus! They don’t require much and are adorable! Find the tutorial HERE.

Sprinkle Easter Eggs РGlue and sprinkles are also two things I always have on hand. I LOVE the texture of these!! The pastel nonpareils are available HERE. Find the tutorial for for these eggs HERE.

Sparkly Glitter and Tissue Paper Eggs: Glitter – yes! Rainbow – yes! I think I know which eggs the boss will choose, if I were a betting woman. Find the tutorial HERE.

Typography Easter Eggs: These are amazing. They do require a Cricut, and it would require me digging it out along with hunting down all the pieces to it, so in all honesty, these probably won’t be our winners – but they are too cute so I wanted to share with those of you who own a Cricut do have your sh*t together and know where all your parts are. Find the tutorial HERE.

Kool Aid Dyed Eggs: I love using non-traditional things to dye eggs. These call for liquid kool aid and they look super unique! Find the tutorial HERE.

Which are your favorite?? Comment below! And if you have any other EGG-cellent ideas for dyeing eggs, be sure to share them with me!! I’m always looking for something new and fun to try with the girls!

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