Easy and Affordable Hair Accessories You Need for Summer

Let’s talk hair accessories. They are all the rage right now and a super easy and affordable way to up your hair game. I have compiled all my favorite ones for you girls. All of these are inexpensive and really easy to use. You can click the pink links or any of the photos (including the pics of me) to shop the exact product.

My very favorite of all is these hair pins. They are PRIME (yaassss!) and only $12 and the EXACT set is at Anthropologie for $48… whaaa??? The best part about my Amazon hair pins, they’re REALLY nice quality. They feel super study and don’t look like that cheap gold… ya know, like the kind I buy my 7 year old at Claire’s.  (no offense, Claire’s – my daughter loves you and you did a FABULOUS job piercing my 2nd and 3rd holes last week!). Anyway, I didn’t have super high expectations for these hair pins, but was really pleased when I got them. OBSESSED.

Gimme allll the hair scarves. There are lots that I love, but my favorites are these that come attached to a scrunchie. It makes using it super user-friendly. There are countless ways to style these: half up top knot (love it with bangs hanging down or all pulled back), high pony, low pony, bun, etc. And a little trick: when I wear it in a half up top knot, I put the bun in with one of my daughter’s tiny clear hair elastics first. It makes it more secure and it looks fuller before I put the scrunchie scarf around it. I’ve linked some others for you that I have been eyeing too!

Speaking of scrunchies, I love having them around to throw in my hair when I do my make-up or take a shower. Willa loves them too. I also feel that they make my top knots look so much fuller because my hair is on the finer side. LOVE this set of them!

I just got this headband and love it! The color is so pretty (but it comes in more) and it feels nice and secure when I wear it. It’s probably the easiest accessory to use to quickly change up your look. I love it with just my hair down, but you could also definitely throw it on with a really cute and messy low bun!

Finally, I love a cute head wrap. I think they are so perfect for spring and summer (hello vacay – how cute with a swimmie?!). I love that I could throw on some denim shorts and a plain gray tee and this scarf will add some color and pizzaz to whatever I have on! Plus, as cute as the headbands are, these just feel more comfortable on my head for a longer period of time. Love the print of my floral one!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! And trust me, if I can style these accessories, anyone can! If you buy one, I’d love to see! Tag me on IG or email me a pic!

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