Fall Bucket List

We had such a good time completing our summer bucket list that I decided to share our fall bucket list. Fall is my ALL TIME favorite season. I love absolutely everything about it – the weather, the holidays, the build up to Christmas, pumpkin flavored everything (minus the PSL – am I the only one who doesn’t like Pumpkin Spice Lattes?), and all the fun activities we do as a family each fall. Now that Poppy is older this year, I can’t wait to see her be able to participate and see her reactions to everything.

So, here are the 12 things we are doing this fall:

  1. Pick pumpkins – We usually knock out these first three all together. We used to go to Burt’s Farm, but last year we tried Yahoo Farm. It was closer, less crowded, and much less commercialized. We loved it!
  2. Hayride
  3. Corn Maze
  4. Make S’mores – Last year we made ours in the oven and they were great, but I’d love to roast marshmallows over a fire this year!
  5. Movie on the Lawn – This is something we’ve done the last two years and are doing again this year for Willa’s birthday party. I will be doing an entire post on this with more details!
  6. Make Apple Cider – We are going to try this kid friendly recipe.
  7. Try a New Pumpkin Recipe – I bought this cookbook I can’t wait to try {definitely more than one} recipe. Plus, it looks super festive sitting out in your kitchen!
  8. Jump into a Pile of Leaves
  9. Eat Chili and Watch Football – Y’all! My dad makes THE BEST chili. I can’t wait to share the recipe with you (if I get his approval, of course).
  10. Go on a Nature Walk – One crisp morning, get up and put your UGGs on with a scarf and grab a coffee. Admire the fall foliage as a family and collect and compare leaves you find along the way.
  11. Drink Hot Chocolate by the Fire – I just ordered these adorable mugs and I can’t wait for us to enjoy them this season! Hurry and preorder yours before they sell out! Proceeds are donated to a great cause, too!!
  12. Go on a Train Ride – We went on train rides in the fall with my grandparents when I was little and those memories are so precious to me as an adult. We are now taking our kids and my parents are the grandparents – crazy! Anyways, this year we are going on the Polar Express Train Ride and I cannot wait!

I hope you get some inspiration from this post! What are your family’s favorite fall activities? I’d always love to add more to our list!

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