Father’s Day DIY + Gift Idea

I think homemade gifts are just the sweetest, but I especially love them if they are something that you can really use. Now, I know this gift idea won’t be for everyone as not every dad enjoys reading or some prefer e-readers instead. But, my hubby definitely prefers actual books, plus it’s nice to have them to set out on a bookshelf. I also love to gift books and write a sweet message on the inside that can be kept forever.

Billy has recently in the last year, really enjoyed reading. He loves all kinds of books, but biographies have been his jam lately. So, I thought it would be really cute to give him a new book with these adorable DIY bookmarks of the girls. Here you will find a tutorial for making these bookmarks for your baby daddy, and/or grandpas. I have also linked a variety of books below that Billy owns and loves incase you need some book ideas to gift along with your bookmark!

DIY Bookmark Supplies:

photo paper  – you can use printer paper, but the quality of the picture won’t be as good

laminator and laminating pouches – If you don’t have one, I believe you can take it to FedExKinkos to get laminated. But, I actually use mine a lot and think it’s really nice to have on hand. And they aren’t too expensive. You can find mine HERE.

hole punch

tassels – I got 100 for $7 HERE (What will I do with 100 you ask?! I can think of countless ideas!!)

DIY Bookmark Tutorial:

  1. First, start by taking your kids’ pictures. Try as hard as you can to get them with one hand in the air, like they are holding a balloon. In fact, if they are really little (like Poppy), it may help to actually get them a balloon to hold to get the right pose.
  2. Print the picture on photo paper and cut the outline of your little ones.
  3. Put it in laminate paper and send it through the laminator and cut it out, making sure to leave an edge of lamination around the picture.
  4. Put a hole punch through the hand that’s in the air and tie a tassel through it.

Book Recommendations for Him:

*For more detailed descriptions of each book, just click the pink links!

Capital Gaines: Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Stuff – For those who love HGTV + Fixer Upper

Chipper Jones Ballplayer – For those who love baseball

Own The Moment – For new age Christians

I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons by Kevin Hart – For those who love comedy

Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers – For entrepreneurs

Slobberknocker: My Life in Wrestling – For those who love wrestling (Anyone else out there besides my husband?? He has more wrestling books than any others. He said this one was the best though!)

The Secret – For those who enjoy self-improvement and motivation

I hope this post inspired your gift giving for this Father’s Day! These little bookmarks would also be a great gift for moms and grandmas for other occasions, too! If you give them a whirl, I’d LOVE to see how they turn out so be sure to tag me on Instagram and/or Facebook @abraggslife.

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