Favorite Things …And You NEED All the Things!

I have talked about Favorite Things night with my girls a lot on the blog. That’s because it is one of my very favorite nights of the year with my very best friends! A week or two before Christmas, we get together to exchange gifts. Before I get to the good stuff (the gifts!) I’ll quickly tell you exactly how we do it so you can plan your own party with your friends next year!

There are eight of us, so whoever is hosting buys 8 huge gift bags and writes our names on the bags. Then, you have to decide which one of your favorite things you want to share with everyone. We usually spend about $10-15 per gift, and we buy 7 gifts. (There are 8 of us, but since it is our favorite thing, we don’t typically buy ourselves the gift.) We wrap the gifts and when we arrive to the party, we drop the gifts into the gift bags. Each person takes a turn opening one of the gifts as we all watch excitedly, and then after it’s open, we find the coordinating gift in our bag and open it and “ooh and ahh” over it as the giver of the gift explains why they love it so much!  And we all go home with a bag full of the same products that everyone is currently loving, and we usually end up loving, too!

This year was honestly probably the best year yet – I LOVE everything so I had to share the products with you so you can give them a try!

GIFT 1: Mug filled with goodies and gold measuring spoons

This year, the gift I brought was built around these cake in a mugs that Billy and I had been enjoying. So, I bought these mugs and filled them with my favorite things I enjoy in a mug: two different Duncan Hines Cake in a Mug mixes, my favorite K-Cup coffee, and this glorious hot chocolate on a stick. I filled the mugs and wrapped them in tissue paper and tied these gold measuring spoons on the outside with ribbon (because you have to measure three tablespoons of milk for the cake mix and because they are freaking awesome.)

GIFT 2: Teleties, barre socks, and a free barre class

One of my girlfriends is super into barre. She just completed her 500th class in two years! She is so passionate about it that she wanted us to all give it a try! I have done a barre DVD at home that about killed me, but I have never taken a class. We are all getting a private class together which I think is so awesome because all of us that have never done it will get close attention from the instructor! She also gave us barre socks and THE coolest hair ties. Billy (yes, my husband’s hair is so long that he wears a bun) and Willa fight me for them so I am placing an order for another set.

GIFT 3: Salt and Pepper Shakers

One of my girlfriends loves salt and pepper shakers. Instead of giving us all the same ones, she spent all year collecting sets that reminded her of each of us. She gave me the Hearth & Hand house set. She also included printed quotes that reminded her of each of us. It was by far the most thoughtful and heartfelt gift of the night.

GIFT 4: Face Mask and Lipstick

This gift was all by Burt’s Bees. I am addicted to their chapstick so I don’t know why I was so surprised by how amazingly awesome their lipstick is! We each got the color Nile Nude and it is so pretty, super moisturizing, and smooth! We also got a Burt’s Bees Hydrating Sheet Mask that was ah-mazing! I seriously saw improvement in my dry skin immediately.


GIFT 5: Eye Cream

I wrote a blog post about Perfectly Posh previously, but I had not tried the eye cream until I was gifted it at the party. I use it at night and in the morning and I swear I see improvement in my dark circles (and maybe a small improvement in my crows feet!). I love using it, especially in the morning, because it feels like it awakens and brightens my eyes for the day. It seriously feels so good!

GIFT 6: Red Barn Hat

Three of the eight of us work for Red Barn (the company associated with Flip or Flop Atlanta) and we all have very different jobs within the company. We all love working for them so much that one of our girlfriends gave everyone these super cute Red Barn hats! If you are at all a fan of the show or HGTV, you need one of these adorable hats!

GIFT 7: Plug-in Air Freshener

My sister’s favorite thing was the smell of Christmas trees so she got us the cutest plug-in air freshener from Bath and Body Works with the Fresh Balsam scent. This is my favorite holiday scent as well! I much prefer ‘Christmas tree smell’ as opposed to cinnamon or any other holiday scent. If you’re like us and love this scent too, these both are currently on sale and you can stock up for next year!

GIFT 8: FIGBody Lotion and Vitacilina

My girlfriend that gave this gift is very well traveled and she gave us the scrumptious FIGbody lotion from California. I got the scent Tuscan Fig and it is glorious. She also gave us Vitacilina which is like Neosporin, but apparently way better. She was in Mexico and got a small injury and went looking for Neosporin and she was suggested this product to use. Apparently it is amazing, but I haven’t needed to use it yet, so I’ll have to get back to you on this one. Unless any of you have used it?? Comment how you like it below!

Anyway, just wanted to give you a peek into our party and share these amazing new finds with you all so you can treat yourself to one or all of them! What’s your current favorite thing? I am always looking to try new products!!

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