My Favorite Things Right Now

Every December my girlfriends and I have a favorite things party. We all so look forward to this party every year. It is so fun to go home with a bag full of goodies that everyone currently loves. We get introduced to new products that are sometimes life changing!

So, it got me thinking that I should dedicate a post to some of my current favorite things for all of you!

Several months ago, Billy bought a ten foot phone charger. I had no idea such a thing existed. I am always on a very low battery percentage by the end of the day, but I love scrolling through all my social media after I crawl in bed, which I couldn’t do on 3%. I immediately claimed it when Billy came home with it and he never saw it again. Now I can lie in bed and use my phone while it is still charging.

Who doesn’t love to Netflix and chill at the end of a very long day?! I especially love all these Netflix series that have come out. I just binge watched 13 Reasons Why and it was SO good! I’m also so excited for the next season of Orange is the New Black! Anyway, this Roku Streaming Stick is only $50 and it simply plugs into your television and makes it an Apple TV so you can access Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. Pretty amazing! We have one in our bedroom and we even take it with us on vacations so we can watch Netflix!

I love lipstick. I have tried many liquid lipsticks which are pretty trendy right now, but I much prefer a moist lip product. This Nyx Butter Lipstick is ah-mazing! It is a drugstore brand, so it is really affordable and the formula is beautiful! My goal is to own every single shade, but nudes are my favorite! (“That’s what she said!” – Oh yeah, I LOVE watching reruns of The Office on Netflix, too!)

I love floral perfumes, but it can be tricky to find some that don’t smell like a funeral home. My newest favorite floral perfume is the Issey Miyake L’eau D’issey Florale perfume. It smells ah-mazing and isn’t too strong. I get compliments EVERY time I wear it. I think it is a perfect springtime perfume!

I adore Chrissy Teigen! I think she is hilarious and honest in the best ways! So, when I saw her Cravings cookbook I had to have it. She has some awesome recipes in there that even my super picky husband was excited about! Or maybe he just likes it because the recipe came from Chrissy Teigen?? Either way, you must own this cookbook.

I got this Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo from our favorite things party last December. I run on dry shampoo during the week! I had a current favorite at the time, but this one quickly surpassed it! It doesn’t leave any powder residue and it smells glorious!

Coffee is required every morning. Every morning. My favorite is Panera Bread’s Hazelnut Creme. I usually just like regular ‘ole coffee because the flavored ones can be too sweet for me, but this one isn’t. It is quite heavenly, especially on a morning after Poppy decided to wake up in the middle of the night!

I got these Adidas Superstar rose gold sneakers for my birthday. I love a good pair of kicks and I LOVE gold, so it was love at first sight. I wear them with jeans, lounge wear, and dresses. They are super comfy but run a tad big – I’d recommend ordering a half size down.

Finally, I love Mrs Meyer’s soap. I keep it at all my sinks. They have new limited edition scents in Peony and Lilac and they smell SO good! I am definitely stocking up on the Peony scent for when they are no longer available.

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even try one of these products. I know I always enjoy being introduced to my girlfriends’ favorite things as they usually quickly become a favorite of mine, too! What is your favorite thing right now? Comment below or snap a pic on IG and tag me @abraggslife! I’m always looking for new things to try!

You can shop my favorite things below!

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