Gift Guide for the Easter Bunny

Gifts is my love language so I get so excited on holidays to give my kids something extra special. This year I am creating baskets for my five year old and seven month old daughters. I thought I would share some ideas I have for them – it may be something your child would enjoy receiving, too!

For my five year old, I found this super cute Lego bunny set. What kid doesn’t like Legos? Plus, I love that it is a bunny theme! We have actually owned the Jumping Jack game for years. Willa has loved playing it since she was a wee little thing, so much so that we have worn it out. So, the Easter bunny will be bringing her a fresh new one to play! We have a million and one stuffed animals. We do not need another. But my child adores them and this one is a Jellycat bunny. It is my favorite brand of stuffed animals, so I will make an exception. We will now own one million and two stuffed animals. Willa loves to read and is learning more and more every day, so I thought it would be fun to include some Easter Mad Libs and a new book in her basket.

For my seven month old, I got a new Pat the Bunny book. It was one of my favorite books to read to Willa when she was little, so I wanted Poppy to have her own copy. We are working hard on some teeth so I found this adorable teether and rattle, I mean, do I even need to explain the bunny booties?! Adorbs! Since she is sitting up now and really enjoying bath time, I thought I would include some cute bath toys for her. She is also going to get a Jellycat bunny, and this cutesy wooden duck!

Both my girls’ Easter baskets are from Pottery Barn Kids – they are my favorite. I actually ordered ours last year after Easter when they were on clearance. I was pregnant with Poppy and wanted them to match for this year. Below are some of my favorites from this season. Visit their website – they are currently doing 25% off of them plus free shipping!

Happy Shopping!



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