Girls’ Bathroom Revamp

About a year ago, we decided to redecorate the girls’ bathroom. We (I) got so excited about it, had the mirror ripped down, and had grand plans for it. Well, life happens and other things become the priority and it has essentially sat there waiting (beggggging) for something to be done to it. In fact, it has been sitting there so long, that my design plans have changed several times. But, I am finally trying to advocate for this room to get worked on.

My birthday was in December and Billy asked me what I wanted. I replied that all I wanted for my birthday was the bathroom to get painted and the tile to be put up. So, Billy walked through the door on my birthday with two new mirrors for the bathroom as a symbol of his commitment to the project. Well, it’s been two months and the bathroom sits just the same, only now with two new mirrors in the floor. However, I got him to commit to painting this coming weekend and I am hoping this blog post will give him a little motivation to really make it happen.

Today I will share my design plan and hopefully sooner rather than later, I will be able to show you the completed project with proper before and after pics.

Currently in the bathroom, we have tan tile floors and off white counter tops which I was told (insert eye roll emoji) were not options to replace, so everything is being designed around those two things. When we first got a jumpstart on the bathroom (a year ago) we had the huge mirror removed. My dad is extremely handy, but even he didn’t feel comfortable removing glass like that. So, we found a company that only charged me $100 and had it down in five minutes. It was totally worth it for the ease and safety of us all as they even disposed of it for us. We also got these lights from capital lighting and had those hung. And then the bathroom has just sat there.

I love white bathrooms and felt that was a good option because that room is so narrow. The problem is that we have ivory counters. So, I found the perfect solution – this gorgeous herringbone tile that has all the colors/tones in it to tie together the walls and the countertops. I want to use a dark grout to really accentuate the pattern. The tile is going to cover the entire wall that the huge mirror was on and then the two round mirrors will be hung on top of it above each sink.

I found this image of a laundry room on Pinterest and am using it as inspiration! It has similar colored floors to our tile floors in the bathroom. I love the white tile, the shelves, the cabinet color, etc. and plan on incorporating a lot of things from this image into our girls’ bathroom – along with a little bit of pink and a whole lot of whimsy!

A lot is still up in the air. Like should we have black or chrome faucets and hand towel holders? And do I leave the vanity the existing stained wood or do I paint it a grayish beige or a sage-y gray? I will be able to get a better idea of these things as we move along in the project.

However, A LOT of decisions have already been made and things have been purchased. All the photos are linked below.

Well, you have gotten a pretty good look at our plans! I can’t wait for the paint and tile to get completed so I can start working on all the details! Give this post a <3 LIKE below to encourage the hubs into getting to work! 😉

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