The Girls’ Halloween Bedroom

I had a really good response to my IG stories that I did a couple of weeks ago on my Target purchases. I had found a really cute pumpkin and some new Halloween books for the girls’ room (in addition to a ton of other things I didn’t need!). I mentioned that I was thinking of surprising the girls by decorating their room and making it fun and festive. So, I thought I would share a mini tour of their bedroom decorated for Halloween. I mentioned in a previous post that we are still working on redecorating their room and I still plan on doing a full reveal soon. It’s so close to be being done!

On Willa’s nightstand, I added that adorable star pumpkin from my stories. It is precious and fun and ONLY $3! I wasn’t able to find the exact one online to link, but they had lots of them at my Target store. I also put out this cute dancing ghost that Willa has had since she was about three. It is adorable and lights up and sings the Ghostbuster’s theme song. I completed the nightstand with a Pennywise Pop! Yep, my kid loves that creepy clown from IT. She of course has never seen the movie and knows nothing about it, just that she likes the look of the creepy scary clown.

Willa is my Halloween baby and loves spooky stuff. Last year she was obsessed with Chucky. She saw a picture of him from a DVD insert that Billy had and it was love at first fright. All she wanted for her birthday was a Chucky doll and Billy made sure that is what she got! Then, the year before that she was infatuated with Slappy. So, at her 4th birthday party, a Slappy dummy showed up on our doorstep in an old suitcase. I can’t wait until she watches these movies when she is grown and realizes how weird it is that she loved these characters.

Anyway, I found this really cute ghost garland in the dollar section at Target. You could easily make this or I found some similar ghost garland here. I just now found the perfect art piece for above Willa’s bed. I am super excited about it, but I also love that I was able to hang garland there right now. Also, my mom got the adorable kitty pillow for Willa and it is on MEGA sale! The adorable little ostrich is also on MEGA sale as well! Willa calls it her turkey (he!) and sleeps with it every night.

Finally, we pulled out all of our Halloween books, plus the ones from my IG stories I got a couple weeks ago. I think they look so cute on their shelves and we love reading them before bed.

We didn’t go over the top too much, but I feel that we did just enough to make it different and exciting for them! Their halloween decor and books are linked below. And if you want to shop Willa’s big girl bed, you can find her totally affordable bed and bedding all linked here.

Kitty Pillow | Stuffed OstrichWhite Ghost (similar) | Pennywise Clown Pop! | Ghost Garland (similar)


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