Homemade Dinosaur and Unicorn Valentines

Ever since Willa started school, we have always made her valentines for her classmates. They are not that much more expensive or harder to make than store bought and I just feel like they are more thoughtful and personalized. The last few years we have tried to do non-candy items due to allergies – plus I know some schools prohibit food related valentines. I always let Willa pick what she wants to do and last year she said she wanted “Jurassic Park” valentines. I posted a picture of the final product on my personal Facebook page and so many people reached out to me asking me to share the file with them. In fact, these dinosaur valentines are truly responsible for the birth of A Bragg’s Life!

For the “Jurassic Park” valentines, I got some ideas off Pinterest and made this editable printable that I printed on white card stock. I bought these mini dinosaur figures (these dinosaurs are really cute too, but Willa wanted her’s more realistic in color) and I put a hole punch through the card stock on either side of the dinosaur figure and secured the dinosaur to the card stock with twine.

This year, when Willa asked for unicorn valentines, I found these adorable unicorn erasers for $3. I remembered the dinosaur valentines from last year and decided we would make ours the exact same way. I created this editable printable and attached the unicorns the exact same way. I had everything we needed on hand so these literally cost us only $3 and I think they turned our pretty darn adorable if I say so myself! And what’s most important, Willa LOVES them!

If you decide to make either of these or a variation of them, be sure to post a picture and tag A Bragg’s Life on Facebook or Instagram!! I would love to see!

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