Memorial Day Swirl Cookies

I love holidays and I love making special memories with the girls. Memorial Day isn’t a holiday that we typically go all out for, but it’s an important one to teach our girls about. So, I find the perfect opportunity to talk to them is while we are are in the kitchen together.

Last year, we made the cutest Memorial Day mini pies. If you are headed to a cookout to celebrate with friends and family, these cookies or those mini pies would be the perfect treat to take. And as always, these recipes are SO easy! In fact, I don’t even think I can call this post a recipe – it’s more like a tutorial.

For these cookies, I am using pre-made, store-bought sugar cookies – you know, like Sandra Lee with Semi-Homemade – ha! But, if you are feeling extra ambitious, go right ahead and bake your own! These turned out super cute, and you could always use different colors if you’re wanting to make these for another occasion.


Sugar cookies

Vanilla CandiQuick (or you could use white chocolate)

Food Coloring – red and blue

Sprinkles – I used these silver star sprinkles


  1. The CandiQuick comes in a tray to melt it in, so I just kept it in that for the entire process. Melt it according to package directions until it is completely melted. If you are using white chocolate, pour in a medium bowl and melt in the microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring between each one.
  2. Put a few drops of each color food coloring all over the bowl. Take a knife and swirl all the colors together, BUT… be sure not to over mix because the colors will start to blend together and what you want is more of a marble effect.
  3. Next, take your cookie and dip it facedown into the swirled CandiQuick. Don’t dunk it too far down, just enough to coat the top. Pull it up and let the excess drip off and lay it on a cookie rack to cool. Top with sprinkles before it begins to harden.
  4. As you continue to dip your cookies, you will need to add more food coloring swirls to the melted Vanilla Quick as necessary to keep the cookies all looking uniform and vibrant.
  5. The CandiQuick hardens very quickly, but if you’re using white chocolate you may need to let them set in the refrigerator for 10 minutes or so.

If you make these, or a variation of these, I would love to see so be sure to tag me @abraggslife on Instagram and/or Facebook!

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