Movie on the Lawn Party

For Willa’s 4th birthday, we had a Halloween movie on the lawn party. We had an outdoor concession stand with a custom banner with Willa’s face on it, filled with candy and popcorn, and we showed Toy Story of Terror. The next fall, Willa wanted and had a bounce house party, but my girlfriends and our kids loved the movie on the lawn so much, that we did one just for the heck of it! So this year, when Willa said she wanted another movie on the lawn party, I, along with all my friends and their kids, were so excited!

I mentioned earlier that I have backed way off for their parties. It is just more enjoyable for me and Willa doesn’t mind that every nook and cranny isn’t decorated and perfect. All she really cares about is that her friends are here and she gets to have fun with them. Oh, and balloons. There better be balloons. I still like to do a few things to make the party feel special and festive. The first thing is a cute invitation. Billy usually makes them every year, but this year he is so busy with work that I had to turn to etsy. I found these adorable popcorn invitations and had them printed at vista print. I also love to make an adorable favor for the kids to take home. The tutorial for the ones we made can be found here.

For the party, we have a 6′ table that I have literally used at every single birthday party. I am so glad I invested in it. I just throw a different tablecloth on it each year. I found these cute¬†mini popcorn boxes and filled them with prepopped popcorn from Publix. We got two mini cakes decorated like minions, per Willa’s request, one chocolate and one vanilla.

We bought a bunch of pizzas, applesauces, and drinks and I also grabbed a Starbucks carrier of coffee for the parents. It was so laid back and we all cozied up on the lawn on our blankets and chairs and watched Despicable Me 3. Willa and her friends had a great time and everyone told me what a neat party it was. Willa said she wants one every year, and I am totally ok with that!

This set up is so much simpler than you may think. It only requires one power cord for everything and you will only need these four things: Portable Outdoor Movie Screen, Portable Pocket Projector, Bluetooth Speaker, and a USB stick or tablet to play the movie. For us, it has been a great investment as we have used it every year. In fact, one of Willa’s best friends couldn’t make it this year at the last minute, so we are thinking of squeezing in one more movie on the lawn this fall with him. I also want to host an adult-only movie party one year! So, we have definitely gotten our money’s worth out of all the equipment.

I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into Willa’s 6th birthday party! We really had a great time celebrating this girl with all her friends!


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