Potty Training With Illumibowl

We are so lucky that Poppy was fully potty trained at only 22 months old! I had a lot of you message me asking what tricks we used, and to be honest, I didn’t do a thing. My in-laws got her this DVD, she watched it twice, threw her diaper off, and never looked back. Not sure if the DVD is THAT good, or if we are just super lucky, but it may be worth a shot if you have a little one!

Once she was potty trained, we received two Illumibowls in the mail to help with any nightly runs to the potty we have with Poppy (or any of us actually!). Illumibowl is a motion activated night light for your toilet that just rests discretely on the rim of your toilet, under the lid. It’s very inconspicuous and fits any toilet. It has an adjustable arm on it so you don’t have to worry about it falling into your toilet. There are 8 colors, which makes it really fun for the girls. The button on it is used to control whether you leave it on a single color or a color rotation. You can also adjust the brightness.

What I love MOST about this device, is there are no more trips to the bathroom, having to switch the blinding lights on, disrupting everyone. We can all find the toilet so easily – man what I would’ve given to have this when I was pregnant and making multiple nightly trips to the bathroom!

Billy is a total gadget guy so he was even more excited about these than I was and we have had many guests comment on how cool they are! To purchase one for yourself (they are only $9.99) click HERE.

Take a look into our nightly potty runs below! And to shop our loungewear, click HERE.

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