Summer Bucket List

I am so, so glad that school is out for summer! I have never been a morning person and I really love my nights. I mean, I am a stickler for the girls’ bedtime. Both of them are usually always in bed at 7:30pm, Poppy usually falls asleep immediately and Willa is given an hour to read and wind down before it’s lights out. Night time is usually the only time I get to myself or with Billy, so I keep those girls on a strict sleep schedule. Plus, I have to draaaaaag Willa out of bed in the mornings during the school year.

So, I have decided that for the next two months, we (*I*) are going to embrace being home and having no morning plans and we are going to stay up late(r)… okay, not every night – let’s not get too crazy, LOL… but a few nights a week! So, for this summer’s bucket list, it’s all about staying up late and making it fun and memorable for the girls.

  1. Have a ‘No More Alarm Clocks’ party on the last day of school – done, check out that blog post HERE.
  2. Go get Dairy Queen blizzards after dark – OMG I freaking love the Chocco Brownie Blizzard
  3. Game Night – Uno Attack and Monopoly Junior are our faves. I also want to teach Willa some card games!
  4. Lay in the backyard and stare at the stars
  5. Go to a baseball night game – I know where we live, the Braves do fireworks after the games on Fridays.
  6. Night swimming – A favorite of ours, especially on vacation
  7. Catch fireflies
  8. Camp out with movies in the living room
  9. Roast marshmallows – We gotta break in my in-laws new fire pit!

Want more inspiration for summer activities?! Check out last year’s summer bucket list HERE.

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