Summer Nail Trends

I love summer. I mean, I hate the heat, but I love that it tends to inspire fun trends in fashion, hair, and nails, too! Everything gets lighter and brighter! I’ve seen lots of new nails trends on Pinterest (which is where these images are from, except the first two, which are mine) and I wanted to share this inspiration with you because there is no better time to try something different and vibrant than this time of year!

Ombre Nails:

I had a lot of questions about my nails the last time I had them done and I posted them. I had been doing gel for a while, but the more I did it, the less time they lasted. I was getting frustrated and wanted to try something different. I came across ombre nails on Pinterest and decided to give them a go. They are done with pink and white acrylic, so NO CHIPPING! They lasted four weeks in perfect condition!

Negative Space:

Negative space nails are a trend that I am also really feeling right now! This first pic are my current nails. I LOVE the other two images and plan on doing those red ones for the 4th next month! I think the burgundy color feels more like fall, so I would like to switch that up with white because I think that would make it feel more like summertime.


I love these neon colors because they aren’t too vibrant and the color is a little more subtle. I am even digging the multiple colors here! I also love the shape of the nails here, too!

Nail Art:

I am usually not a big fan of nail art as I feel that it feels a little circa 2002, lol. But, these are nail art designs that I can get behind!! I think I love them so much too because they are on nude colored nails, and nude nails are my jam!


I also love these nails with a little bling on that ring finger. I don’t desire too much bling, but these are just enough!

What are your favorite nails trends for summer? Or, what is your go to nail color right now?? Comment below!

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