Summer Shoe Must-Haves

I have been stocking up on shoes for summer and I thought I would share with you my top five must-have summer sandals!

I will start with my very favorite. I LOVE the Sam Edelman Sheri Sandal. I really like the look of heels, but it just isn’t practical for me to be running around in them chasing after two kids. I found these and the heel is perfect for everyday wear. It isn’t too tall and it’s chunky, so it’s very supportive. They are super comfortable and super cute – I mean, what more could I ask for?!

Up next is the Steve Madden Neptune Bootie. These are also SO comfy! I really like these because they are a summer bootie. They are great to wear with anything – shorts, jeans, or dresses! And the BEST PART?! They are currently ON SALE!

I had been eyeing the Stuart Weitzman nudist shoe, but just couldn’t pull the trigger on a pair of dressy shoes that expensive since I don’t wear them that often. Plus, I think my husband may divorce me if I did. 😉 I came across these Bp. ‘Luminate’ Open Toe Dress Sandals and I think they’re a pretty good dupe for a fraction of the price – only $60 vs. the $450 Stuart Weitzman pair.

The strap is wider and the heel is shorter which I actually ended up really liking because I am able to wear them comfortably for long periods of time.

These Tkees ‘Sunscreens’ Flip Flop are my favorite EVER. They give you the comfort and ease of flip flops but look dressier than a regular rubber flip flop. I have worn mine so much that I think it’s time for a new pair!

Finally, a pair of FLORAL sandals for summer is a must! I love the look of these with jeans and a solid colored blouse or a solid color dress. I think they add a fun pop of color and pattern and I always get compliments on mine when I wear them. The ones I own are Steve Madden, but they are no longer available. These Steve Madden Carrson Sandals are very similar.

Now run and go get a pedicure so you’ll be ready to rock one of these pairs of summer shoes!

Sam Edelman Sheri Sandal | Steve Madden Neptune Bootie | Bp. ‘Luminate’ Open Toe Dress Sandals | Tkees ‘Sunscreens’ Flip Flop | Steve Madden Carrson Sandals

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