The Sweetest Homemade Gift

When I was on Instagram one day, I came across this account that made and sold cross stitch portraits. I thought they were THE CUTEST things! My mom used to cross stitch a ton when I was a kid and she had taught me how to do it when I was very young.

I knew my dad would appreciate the family portrait, but I knew the appreciation would be so much greater if I made it myself. Even though I hadn’t done it in years, I knew if I was able to do it as a kid, I’d be able to do it now for sure.

I found this adorable book, Do-It-Yourself Stitch People, and bought it. It teaches you everything you need to know about cross stitching and also gives you all the patterns you need to make your portraits (they even have pet portraits you can add). You can customize clothing, accessories, hairstyles, etc. and you of course pick your own thread colors.

I found this awesome thread bundle for a great deal! You also need fabric, needles, and a hoop. I linked a kit with these items below that’s less than $9!

Once I got started, everything came back to me. It is so easy – ANYONE can do it – it is just time consuming. I loved it though and felt like it was such an enjoyable little hobby. I got so much satisfaction out of my finished project – probably a little too much – ha! So, if you have a birthday or holiday for any family member coming up, and they appreciate homemade gifts (I mean, who doesn’t?!) this is the perfect thing for them! Or you can just make one for yourself because they’re so adorable! The great thing with the book is you will always have the patterns to make as many portraits as you like.

Shop everything you need to make your own cross stitch portrait by clicking on the pink links below!

Do-It-Yourself Stitch People

Tinksky 100 SkeinsMulti-color Cross Stitch Embroidery Threads

Embroidery Starter Kit

If you make one, I’d love to see! Be sure to post a picture on IG and tag me @abraggslife!

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