THE Yummiest Homemade Cake

Last night we celebrated my baby girl graduating kindergarten and becoming a FIRST GRADER! OMG! Insert all the crying emojis over and over again. And can you even call something a celebration if there’s not cake?! Didn’t think so…

Ok, this cake might not be the prettiest one on the internet, but it is darn tasty! This recipe is one that I have been using for a LONG time. It’s from the cookbook, More from Magnolia (not the Waco Magnolia, but the NYC Magnolia Bakery!). The icing in particular is so scrumptious! I don’t always love super sweet icing, but I do this one. My mom, sister, and I have been obsessed with this bakery ever since it was featured on Sex and the City years and years ago. Every time we go to NYC we have to stop and buy a box of their cupcakes.

I highly recommend the cookbook. There are lots of amazing recipes in it (breakfasts, cookies, pies, desserts, cakes, etc.) and I have really enjoyed it. The recipes I used for this cake were the Vanilla Cupcakes (but poured the batter into 9 inch cake pans) and the Vanilla Buttercream. My sister always says that this icing is so sweet and divine that it makes her teeth tingle. LOL! You must definitely buy the cookbook and try for yourself!

I got the candles from the Target dollar section and you can find my favorite sprinkle shop HERE.

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