My Top Ten Baby Items

Poppy is almost eight months old. It is crazy to think that she has been outside in this world for as long as I knew she was inside of me. Becoming a mom of two has been the best experience and we are so blessed that Poppy is such an easy and happy baby. But there have definitely been some products that have made things even easier. So, today I am sharing with you my top ten favorite baby items

My Labor Gown for Birth and Nursing is amazing. I cannot say enough good things about it. It is specially designed for you to birth your baby, have skin-to-skin contact, and breastfeed all while being photo-ready. It has ready access for your epidural and fetal monitors while still being completely closed in the back for privacy, unlike a hospital gown. The material is super comfortable, sweat absorbent, and antibacterial. Not to mention, these gowns are beautiful – wouldn’t you want a special gown to wear on the most important day of your life?!

My most used and treasured baby item is the Milk Snob nursing and car seat cover. Poppy has been exclusively breastfed and this has been such a lifesaver since we are always on the run and Poppy refuses to take a bottle. Plus, we were super paranoid and always kept her covered in her car seat for the longest time when she was itty bitty. And, when they get older, you can use it as a shopping cart cover! You will want more than one of these!

Another treasured thing I had was the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock. This was a game changer for grocery shopping with a baby for me. I always hated shopping with Willa in her car seat because it was so big and bulky and there was always no room for groceries. This allows your baby to ride comfortably with plenty of room below them to fill your cart. Poppy always loved riding in it!

Both of my babies were infants in the winter months and I never found one pair of socks I could keep on their feet. I did however discover that baby moccasins stay on beautifully and they are super cute! My favorite brand is Freshly Picked and they have tons of colors, patterns, and options for your baby! I own more pairs of these than I would like to admit.

Bouncy seats were used the most with our girls. We went through two with Willa so I wanted to make sure we found a good one for Poppy. This Baby Bjorn bouncy seat has been fabulous! It is soft and comfortable for our girl and it collapses flat for easy transport when we head to visit the grandparents. It also grows with your child, which makes it even better!

I did not have an infant carrier with Willa but knew it wasn’t an option to not have one with Poppy because I was now going to have two children and I knew I would need to have free hands at times. A friend recommended this Baby Tula carrier and we love it. Poppy is super attached to me so it is not only nice to have when we go out, but I also use it in the house if I have stuff that needs to get done and she is needing extra snuggles that day.

Willa especially loved muslin swaddle blankets, so I loaded up on them again for Poppy. My favorite brand is Little Unicorn. They are super soft and have the cutest prints to choose from. The summer poppy print won me over, of course!

Burp cloths are a must, obviously, but I especially love, love, love the Little Giraffe Luxe Burpy ones. They are so soft and there is just something luxurious about them.

I always try to use the safest, most natural products on both girls. I love all the Honest products – shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and Willa loves their vitamins. Poppy got eczema on her tummy pretty badly, and this healing balm worked wonders for us!

Finally, when your baby is ready to start eating, do not go buy some $300 highchair like I did for Willa. We got Poppy the Ikea Antilop highchair with the tray. It is $20 and is awesome! There is no fabric for the food to stain so it is a really easy cleanup. The legs come off easily for transportation, and it looks pretty and modern, which is a plus!


Anyways, if you or a friend or family member is expecting, let them know about these items or direct them to this post!



Baby Tula Carrier / Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock / Baby Bjorn Bouncy Seat / Freshly Picked Moccasins / Ikea Antilop Highchair / Little Unicorn Swaddle Blankets / Milk Snob Nursing and Car Seat Cover / Honest Healing Balm / Little Giraffe Luxe Burpy

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