Valentine Gift Guide

Whether you are shopping for your spouse, friend (yes, ‘Gal’entine’s Day is a thing!), child, or children’s teachers, I have you covered with lots of ideas for everyone! I have used gifts we received at Christmas as well as some gifts we are gifting this Valentine’s Day for inspiration for this post.


This first gift is something that dear friends of our’s received as an anniversary gift and my husband did so good tuning into my excitement over it that I received it as a Christmas gift. The Night Sky is a site that you can order a print of the astrology of an exact location for a specific night. It could be your wedding date, the birth of a child, or in our case, our very first date 15 years ago at my in-law’s old house (We watched American Pie and made out on his sofa – Oh, to be 16 again!).

I LOVE dainty jewelry. It is basically all I wear because I think it is sophisticated and chic. My sweet husband gifted me two of these tiny initial necklaces for my birthday that are so special to me. He got both girls initials, one on a 15 inch chain and one on a 17 inch chain.

The Year of Cozy book is amazing. It is so inspiring and I adore it so much. Plus, I love the way it looks sitting out on my bar cart. In fact, I love it so much that I had two friends with birthdays a few weeks ago and I gave them both a copy of this book.

I received this set of bowls for Christmas and they look like perfection sitting out in my kitchen. If you are buying for someone that loves cooking or baking or home decor, you can’t go wrong with this gift!

Finally, this brand of liquid lipstick is my favorite formula. It stays on for hours and these shades could not be more fun and fitting for Valentine’s Day!


My parents went home with this Atari from our white elephant Christmas party (They were so excited – apparently Atari was like the first ever video game or something) and they brought it on vacation to the cabin with us. You just plug it right into the TV.  We all fought over playing it. There is one particular game, River Raid, that we all played over and over trying to beat each other’s high score. SO fun! If the man in your life loves video games like my hubby, he would have so much fun with this… and so would you – win, win!

The gift my husband came home with from our white elephant party was Google Home Mini. He is a tech guy so he was way more excited about this than I was. However, I quickly learned that it’s pretty freaking awesome to be able to speak to Google Home and ask it to change your thermostat for you. Or ask it when the least crowded time is to book your Disney trip and get an instant answer (It’s between Memorial Day and Thanksgiving and the month of February, in case you’re curious now too). Google Home is amazing!

This leather stash tray is another gift that is kind of a gift for me, too! I love to be organized and have a spot for things that don’t even really have a spot – like keys, coins, wedding ring, etc. This tray is made of leather and would fit any decor. You can also personalize it with two initials so it’s a super thoughtful gift! You can get 10% off your order with the promo code: BraggStyle10

If you really want to spoil your man for Valentine’s Day, get him these Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones. Billy has the big headphones, but I knew he wanted these for working out. He was really excited when he opened them on Christmas and has really liked them so far!

Finally, I got these new kicks for Billy for Christmas. He didn’t ask for them or anything, but I liked the look of them a lot – I like that grungy chic look. The best part was when his little brother opened the exact ones right before Billy opened his. He had specially asked for them and I had no idea. Billy said, “Oh, man! I like those!” when his brother opened them up and in my head I was like, “YESSSSS!!” because they were sitting wrapped under the tree and he opened them five minutes later. So, they’d be a sure hit with any man!


I have had Willa in a pair of Hunter boots for the longest time. They are wonderful, durable shoes that Willa has been able to slip on by herself since she was three. I love the quality and convenience of them. Her current pair is too small and Poppy loves to put Willa’s on and walk around. So, each girl is getting a pair of boots in this new color that I am obsessed with!

Willa and Poppy each got a Cuddle + Kind doll for Christmas. They are hand knitted dolls that help feed children in need. The purchase of one doll provides 10 meals. There are a ton of dolls to choose from that any little boy or girl would love, and you are helping someone in need just by purchasing.

This In My Heart: A Book of Feelings is so good and I think every kid should own a copy! It is not a valentine book, but it looks super festive for the day.

I LOVE these knitted finger puppets! They have several different sets to choose from. Poppy’s favorite nursery rhyme is Old MacDonald so she is going to get this set. They also have a super cute spooky set that’s perfect for my Halloween baby!

Finally, I got these heart shaped earrings for Willa. I thought they were perfect for kids and she could wear them all year long! They are actually even cuter in person and I think I may have to borrow them from her this valentine season! I like these a lot too because they are great for sensitive ears. They also come in clear and purple. You can save 10% using the promo code: BraggStyle10.


It’s always nice (and can’t hurt!) to send in a special gift for your child’s teacher on Valentine’s Day. I know how hard they work and any time I can send in a little something to let them know I am appreciative, I do. I found these super cute heart mugs for less than $5. I filled them with Hershey’s hearts, wrapped them in a treat bag with ribbon, and made a little card that says, “Thanks for putting your heart into teaching.” My other idea for teachers is this unbelievably delicious and glorious Lavender Essential Oil Gel Hand Sanitizer with a tag that says, “Best teacher hands down” or “No cooties this Valentine’s Day”. Even if you don’t get this hand sanitizer as a teacher gift, do yourself a favor and purchase it for yourself. You’ll thank me. Seriously.

Happy shopping this Valentine’s season! I know a lot of people consider it to be a cheesy holiday, but cheesy is fun, right?!

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