Visit From the Tooth Fairy

My biggest baby lost her first tooth! It makes me so sad because I feel like this is a real indication that my baby is becoming a big girl! She had been working on wiggling her tooth out all day and the excitement on her face when it finally popped out was priceless. I wanted to keep that elation going for her throughout her first tooth fairy experience. So, here are the five things I did to make this special time extra magical for our girl.

First, when her tiny little tooth just started to wiggle, I quickly bought a tooth pillow for her to put her teeth in for the tooth fairy to take and replace with money. I liked this idea as opposed to putting it under her pillow so I never had to worry about losing the tooth or money. I found this adorable tooth unicorn pillow on Etsy. Willa adored it and we hung it on her bed. You can purchase ours here. And if your kid isn’t into unicorns, they have lots of other cute ones on Etsy!

I also created a fairy door for the tooth fairy in Willa’s room. I went to Hobby Lobby and got a wooden dollhouse door and painted it using spray paint. I used the color gum drop. Willa thought it was so amazing that a magic door appeared in her room. It’s quite cute in there, too! It’s there to stay so the tooth fairy will always have access to her room.

The tooth fairy then left a fairy dust trail along her nightstand. I just used rose gold ultra fine glitter that I also found at Hobby Lobby. Willa was mesmerized by it. She kept sticking her little fingers in it and inspecting the dust.

Also on the nightstand the tooth fairy left a fairy sized note to Willa thanking her for her nice clean tooth! It is an editable printable that you can find here. I love the idea of having this file on hand and being able to edit the messages she leaves when she comes.

Finally, I took a Facebook poll on my personal account to see what the tooth fairy’s going rate is and it seemed to be $5 for the first tooth. I thought that sounded reasonable, but lucky for Willa, I only had a ten dollar bill on hand! I used washable clear glitter paint to brush on the bill and I also added a little bit of the fairy dust on it. This was probably the thing that Willa appreciated the most. I mean, I have to agree that glitter and cash are both pretty exciting!

These things were so fun for Willa and quite easy for me. I always really enjoy making holidays and special occasions exciting and whimsical for her. I mean, you only lose your first tooth once! So, if you have any littles with any wiggly teeth, you should try a few of these fun little things for them!

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