Year of the Earrings

The second Christmas my hubby and I ever spent together, he gave my diamond stud earrings. I loved them so much, I popped them in my ears that morning and I have barely taken them out in the last 14 years since. Crazy, I know.

So in 2019, I am vowing to branch out a little more with my jewelry, especially my earrings, so I wanted to share some of my very favorite pairs! And the best part is that they are all super affordable.

To shop the earrings in this post, just scroll through and click the images of the pairs you like!

The earring trends that I am loving right now are oversized statement pieces, fringe and tassels, and ear crawlers. I have included several of each of these in this post. And I think what’s so amazing about all these pairs is that you can really wear them with anything!

You can dress a plain tee up with some bright fringe earrings, or wear your most fancy, sparkly earrings with a sweater and jeans or a full length gown. They are all so versatile so my advise would be, if you find a pair of earrings you love, buy them and have fun with them!


I’d love to hear your favorite earring trends or brands that I need to check out as I grow my collection this year! Drop me a comment below!

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